SONA 2019

It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be a photojournalist —but as things are now, I clearly am not, or not yet. But it often comes across my mind that there must be more urgent things to photograph, more consequential. In this case, the collective protest of people across various sectors of society, against a murderous and traitorous regime that is the Duterte Administration. Inside congress, they must have been dressed to the nines, comfortable in their cushioned chairs and airconditioned rooms. Out here, we soaked and dried and soaked again, in sweat and rain and the heat coming off our own bodies. For one good outcry, resistance, '‘til the next one and every chance we get.

I take these photographs on behalf of everyone.

22 July 2019
Quezon City, Philippines

Kodak Tri-X & Kentmere 400
Kodak HC-110